The Black Sheep of Ouessant

The smallest sheep of the world…

At the time of dwarf  sheep of Ouessant meets an extraordinary success as ecological lawn mower, it is advisable that the new breeder can reach some basic information. The affection in this small race will show itself at first by a membership in the associations which assures defence and promotion of it.

Three black lambs Ushant

The lambs are 15 days old.

In France, Mr Abbé chaired the G.E.M.O. for a long time ( Grouping of the Breeders of Ouessant’s Sheeps ). This association of 290 members is now led by Patric Carré. In the Netherlands, MESSRS. De Wit and Slaghuis animate the F.O.S.  ” Fokkersvereniging Ouessant Schapen “.

The lit amateur will appreciate inevitably a visit with SHEEP-VILLAGE, safari park which exposes 25 ovine races from the whole world among which Ouessant’s sheep. ” Mouton-Village, 79340 Vasles, France, telephone: 05-49-69-12-12 “.

About fifty Internet users motivated by the protection of this small sheep met in a list of called distribution ” FRIENDS OF OUESSANT’S SHEEP “. In the following pages you will be able to join them.